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Meetup #117

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BEC Poland Emilii Plater 53 23rd floor


Avatar of Robert Pasiński

Robert Pasiński

Deep Dive into JS task scheduling 

We’ll go deep into what are tasks in JavaScript context, what is the difference between micro-task and macro-task, when they are run and how they are scheduled. I’m gonna go through the APIs like requestIdleCallback, requestAnimationFrame, and other that allow us to leverage the scheduling mechanism and highlight the bottlenecks. You can also expect a glimpse of how these are implemented under the hood in JS engines.

Avatar of Jerzy Nowiński

Jerzy Nowiński

How to build real-time video processing web app 

Do you want to create a real-time video processing application? That's excellent, but have you considered how to handle delays, video compression, and high infrastructure costs? At ShareTheBoard, we thoroughly analyzed these challenges, tested various approaches, and ultimately succeeded in developing a web application that allows you to share digitized data with remote meeting participants. In this session, we will discuss the biggest challenges we faced and describe our final architecture.

Avatar of Inez Okulska

Inez Okulska

RAG vs GPTs fine-tuning - who wins? 

Natural language interfaces for information retrieval are very appealing. Hence, the popularity of GPTs for quick fine-tuning of GPT models. Are they reliable enough, though? When and why do we need more complex solutions like RAG systems? We’ll analyze this using the hAI Magazine case study.

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