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We provide a safe space for those looking to
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Meetup #81

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Avatar of Łukasz Rybka

Łukasz Rybka

"Przysięga Programisty" czyli o moralnych przemyśleniach w czasie pandemii 

Avatar of Piotr Sławiński

Piotr Sławiński

Digital second brain - boost your creativity by building an interconnected web of thought. 

Avatar of Krzysztof Łokaj

Krzysztof Łokaj

One codebase to multiplatform development with WebView 

The world’s technology startups are always in a hurry. They try to deliver a big value in the fastest possible way. That is why many of them decide to use WebView technology to use one code base for a website, and a mobile application. What are the benefits and disadvantages of this approach? During the presentation, I will answer this question and also transform the existing react web application into IOS application using CapacitorJS.

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Workshop #53

Event Details

10:00 - 15:00

Topic: Vue.js for every level

What is the purpose of workshops?

  • Kuba Strebeyko - Basics of reactivity, components, data flow and utilizing 3rd party API using Vue 3.
  • Filip Floryan - Working with forms, Vuex, TypeScript and unit testing for beginners/intermediates.
  • Jakub Skałecki - Vite, Suspense, Composition API and many more features of the Vue 3 (intermediate level).

What I need to know to come?

  • It depends on the mentor

What stuff should I bring with me?

  • Browser, ex. Google Chrome
  • Editor, ex. Visual Studio Code
  • Git & Account on GitHub
  • Node.js v10+ & npm v5+


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WarsawJS is a local community of JavaScript professionals and enthusiasts. We provide a safe space for those looking to improve their JavaScript skills, and join a community that gives back. Like what we do? Join us on slack!