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Meetup #114

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Packhelp ul. Kolejowa 5/7 Warszawa


Avatar of Tomasz Ducin

Tomasz Ducin

Back in the game: Recent Revolutionary Changes in Angular 

Angular has been perceived as a rather complex framework by some, yet it's used massively by enterprise-scale systems. Whether we agree with the criticism or not, the framework is undergoing a monumental transformation. In recent months, Angular is experiencing a period of frequent and significant updates and - at least considering previous years of stagnation - groundbreaking changes. These include not only the features, public API and architecture, but also to the mental models that developers come up with.

Avatar of Michał Trojanowski

Michał Trojanowski

Securing Single Page Applications Using The Token Handler Pattern 

Single Page Applications appear simple at first sight. Web developers provide a superb user experience, and it is also relatively easy to implement token-based security in the browser. Yet this is against current best practices for browser-based apps, and security concerns can become a blocking issue. It is instead recommended to implement a Backend for Frontend (BFF), to reduce browser threats. Yet this often results in the adoption of website technologies to issue secure cookies, which can work against other web architecture goals. In this talk, I will show how a separation of web and API concerns can give you the best choices. In the talk, I will present the Token Handler pattern — Curity's variation of the Backend For Frontend approach. I will show the open-source projects we created to facilitate the implementation of the pattern.

Avatar of Tobiasz Ciesielski

Tobiasz Ciesielski

Tailwind CSS - why should you use it in your project? 

Tailwind has become the most popular styling framework. More than 8 million downloads per week via npm. Why has it become so popular? What are its advantages and disadvantages? Why did we decide to migrate to tailwind in Prowly? What are the good and bad practices of using the framework? I will answer all these questions.

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