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We provide a safe space for those looking to
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Paramount ul. Mokotowska 19, Warsaw.


Avatar of Mateusz Chrzonstowski

Mateusz Chrzonstowski

Advent of Code - sneak peak 

In 2023 I finally tried, motivated by an internal company leaderboard and competition. I finished with 47/50 stars, being 4 in our internal ranking, but there were many ups and downs on my way. Advent tasks are usually algorithmic. I went through them using JavaScript and no external libraries (apart from Jest). I want to share some algorithms I got to know, techniques which helped me and some observations about AoC community.

Avatar of Paolo Fragomeni

Paolo Fragomeni

Going beyond the Browser & the Cloud 

I'll show you how to build native apps for any OS (desktop and mobile) using regular frontend code. I'll also show you how to connect your app's users directly, making the Cloud completely optional. Socket runtime's P2P protocol makes it possible for unlimited users, anywhere in the world, to communicate in real-time or asynchronously without any needing servers or cloud infrastructure.

Avatar of Witold Sosnowski

Witold Sosnowski

JS Developer’s basics - make your dev environment work for you! 

Software development can easily become a death by a thousand cuts. In this talk, you will learn the strategies to avoid them and ensure the best possible productivity when working with JavaScript or TypeScript.Want to make your editor correct mistakes for you? Or maybe even write it? How about code formatting? Are you tired of constantly putting 'console.log' into your application code and committing it accidentally? Did you ever share your secrets in a git repository? How to navigate between files quickly? If you had issue with any of those, this talk might be for you.I am using JetBrains IDE’s as my daily driver, but most of the content can be applied in different environments as well – come and see how much nicer can development be without putting too much effort.

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WarsawJS is a local community of JavaScript professionals and enthusiasts. We provide a safe space for those looking to improve their JavaScript skills, and join a community that gives back. Like what we do?

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