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We provide a safe space for those looking to
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Meetup #94



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Michał Warda

To be announced 

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Marcin Kraszewski

Take action to protect your attention and focus. 

I've created a tool to help you customize your apps/news feeds etc. by reducing the effectiveness of dark patterns, and other techniques designed to make you: * spend more money * waste more time * lose your train of thought Built using HTML, JavaScript and Python?

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Speaker name will be announced soon

A title will be announced soon

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Workshop #63

Event Details

Onsite HubHub (Nowogrodzka Square) Aleje Jerozolimskie 93
10:00 - 15:00

Topic: React na każdym poziomie / React at any level

What is the purpose of workshops?

  • Michał Bury - doszkolenie z React - Grupa zaawansowana
  • Jacek Rojek - Intro to React - Beginners group in English

What I need to know to come?

  • It depends on the mentor

What stuff should I bring with me?

  • Browser, ex. Google Chrome
  • Editor, ex. Visual Studio Code
  • Git & Account on GitHub
  • Laptop


Registration completed.
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  • Registration start: Wednesday, June 01, 08:00 AM
  • Registration end: Saturday, June 18, 11:59 PM
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WarsawJS is a local community of JavaScript professionals and enthusiasts. We provide a safe space for those looking to improve their JavaScript skills, and join a community that gives back. Like what we do? Join us on slack!