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We provide a safe space for those looking to
improve their JavaScript skills.
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Meetup #84

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Avatar of Andriy Mykulyak

Andriy Mykulyak

About API 

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Glafira Zhur

Angular Material Accessibility features 

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Anton Kononenko

Working on Interactivity Performance 

At Sumo Logic we focus on making our frontend responsive and performant even in heavy computation scenarios. We’d like to share how we address those issues, and what approaches can be applied to make interactions as fast as possible.

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Workshop #56

Event Details

Onsite HubHub (Nowogrodzka Square) Aleje Jerozolimskie 93 02-001 Warszawa
10:00 - 15:00

Topic: Frontend na każdym poziomie

What is the purpose of workshops?

  • Jarosław Kowalczyk - If you know a thing or two about web development then feel invited to make an online shop. We'll use event handling, DOM manipulation and rendering product list by iterating over a set of data.
  • Michał Bury - Using Vanilla JS we're going to recreate some features of the most famous libraries out there. We're going to learn DOM manipulation and rendering views from dynamic data model.

What I need to know to come?

  • It depends on the mentor

What stuff should I bring with me?

  • Browser, ex. Google Chrome
  • Editor, ex. Visual Studio Code
  • Git & Account on GitHub
  • Laptop


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WarsawJS is a local community of JavaScript professionals and enthusiasts. We provide a safe space for those looking to improve their JavaScript skills, and join a community that gives back. Like what we do? Join us on slack!