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Meetup #74

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Katerina Skroumpelou

Scale your app with Nx - the monorepo way! 

Nx is a set of powerful, extensible dev tools which help you scale your app and coordinate better with your team. With Nx, your team (or teams!) can work on a monorepo, which will manage multiple frontend and backend applications, all in the same workspace. Nx offers a CLI which will also help you manage your build process, your tests, and is so smart that it will analyse your codebase and only build or test code that has not been tested or built before. In this presentation, we will answer questions like “what is a monorepo”, “how can Nx improve the developer experience” (whether of an individual or of a team), “what tools does Nx offer”. At the risk of sounding cheesy, welcome to the future of integrated app development!

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Marek Kirejczyk

5 ways to get hired by a bad company 

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Workshop #49

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10:00 - 18:30

Topic: Vue.js

What is the purpose of workshops?

    What I need to know to come?

      What stuff should I bring with me?

      • Browser, ex. Google Chrome
      • Editor, ex. Visual Studio Code
      • Git & Account on GitHub
      • Node.js v10+ & npm v5+


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      • Registration start: Monday, October 05, 08:00 AM
      • Registration end: Sunday, October 18, 08:00 AM
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