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Meetup #116

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Paramount ul. Mokotowska 19, Warsaw.


Avatar of Michał Michalczuk

Michał Michalczuk

TypeScript Template literal types - who need it anyway? 

A long long time ago TypeScript 4.1 brought major change - introduced Template Literal Types. After this release examples like type-based parser or type-based SQL engine spawned like crazy. In the next releases, we get even more Template Literal Types features! Cool. But it doesn’t answer our question - “Who needs it anyway?” I’ll talk about Template Literal Types, and we’ll check more real-life use-cases for them than the mentioned type-based SQL engine :)

Avatar of Andrii Romasiun

Andrii Romasiun

Writing secure JavaScript 

In my speech I want to talk about web security and how to write secure JavaScript. I will talk about how small bugs have opened huge vulnerabilities even in big companies like Google and Cloudflare. What are the common and uncommon vulnerabilities in JS full stack applications (XSS, header poisoning, SQLi, clickjacking, directory traversal, RCE, open redirects and more), with real life examples, and how to detect, prevent and mitigate such vulnerabilities. And at the end I'll give a short talk about how to set up a secure coding environment and why it's important (static code analysis, environment configuration, dependency management).

Avatar of Przemysław Konefał

Przemysław Konefał

Simplicity in the spectrum: Identifying and overcoming overengineering 

One of the main pillars of maturing as a developer is mastering the skill of striking the right balance between underengineering and overengineering. This session aims to equip developers with a systematic approach to dealing with the latter. We'll explore the common reasons that drive developers to overshoot their solutions, particularly in the realm of frontend development. Then, we'll discuss the signs and in-code symptoms of unnecessary complexity. In the end, we'll dive into useful heuristics, mental models, and thought filters to refine our approach to project complexity, to find that sweet spot more consistently

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