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We provide a safe space for those looking to
improve their JavaScript skills.
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Meetup #93

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Avatar of Mateusz Chrzonstowski

Mateusz Chrzonstowski

My personal front-end overview (2022) 

'New day, new framework' - is this still valid? I follow front-end trends and I want to share my thoughts on them. Both experienced front-end developers and the beginners, expecting a quick summary, should find something valuable for them in my talk. I’m going to start with facts & statistics, then we’ll think about the future of JS & its frameworks, talk through npm problems and we’ll finish up with an open topic: can anyone take over our lovely technologies?

Avatar of Łukasz Strączyński

Łukasz Strączyński

Building SEO friendly URL structure 

Every frontender knows how to create an SPA and define routes for the app. But do you know how to do it in a SEO friendly way? In this talk, we will take a closer look at routing of an SPA, we will identify common problems that might hurt your SEO, and we will try to find the best solution to overcome those problems.

Avatar of Robert Kawecki

Robert Kawecki

Sessions vs. tokens: a how-to guide for implementing authentication state in your product 

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Workshop #62

Event Details

Onsite - Packhelp Kolejowa 5/7 6 piętro
10:00 - 15:00


What is the purpose of workshops?

  • Jacek Rojek (początkująca) - During this workshop you will set up your own content management system that uses cutting-edge technologies such as Next.js, TailwindCSS, NetlifyCMS. The goal of the workshop will be to create and deploy a blog with an admin panel which can be used for creating and editing blog posts. This project will be a valuable addition to your portfolio
  • Bartek Legięć (średnio zaawansowana) - Podczas warsztatów dogłębnie przejdziemy przez najważniejsze konstrukcje języka JavaScript, zwracając uwagę na niuanse i nieoczywiste rzeczy. Omówimy podstawy programowania funkcyjnego (metody filter, map, reduce, operacje na obiektach), operacje na drzewie DOM jak i podstawy programowania asynchronicznego (Promisy, async/await, zapytania HTTP).
  • Daniel Siwek (zaawansowana) - Podczas warsztatów, zbudujemy sobie bibliotekę do wyświetlania widgetów na stronie na podstawie danych z serwera. Poruszymy tematy zarówno samego języka, jak i narzędzi dookoła, takich jak webpack, czy wersjonowanie. Użyjemy także TypeScript, ale bardziej jako pomocnika, więc nie będziemy za bardzo się na nim skupiać. Chyba że grupa będzie chciała :)

What I need to know to come?

  • It depends on the mentor

What stuff should I bring with me?

  • Browser, ex. Google Chrome
  • Editor, ex. Visual Studio Code
  • Git & Account on GitHub
  • Laptop


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WarsawJS is a local community of JavaScript professionals and enthusiasts. We provide a safe space for those looking to improve their JavaScript skills, and join a community that gives back. Like what we do? Join us on slack!